block internet until the user logs into open vpn.

  • Hello guys.

    There is a way to block internet navigation until user logs into OpenVPN? We're in a pandemic situation and I need to force all employees to connect in openvpn.

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    I take it these users are remote? What OS(es) are they using - you control the device they are using, ie they do not have local admin rights?

    Or are these users behind pfsense - and you want to block them from using internet unless they connect to vpn running on pfsense?

  • @johnpoz they're remote, using windows10.
    I'll set up a VPN in PfSense cause I have a monitoring software running in my business network, so I can check what my employees are doing.
    But, I need a way to force them to connect in VPN before they can navigate on internet, or force OpenVPN to automatically connect when turning on Windows.

    That's needed because my monitoring software only works on lan.

    I prefer to block navigation outside VPN, but if its not possible, the second option is ok too.

    Can you help me with this doubt?

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    Well that question would prob be better suited for a windows forum to be honest.. You prob have better luck with something like the cisco anyconnect sort of vpn that can be forced to be always connected sort of thing.

    openvpn can be run as a service and I guess always be set to run.. But not sure about forcing it where the user couldn't stop it, especially if they have admin rights.

  • hmm ok, thank you.

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