Slow internet speed with pfsense on VMware workstation

  • Hi Experts, I am new to pfsense and recently installed it to take its advantage for my home setup. Setup is as below and issue is slow internet speed while routing through pfsense.

    ISP router-->5GHz Wifi(of ISP router)-->Wifi(inbuilt card of Windows 10 laptop)-->Windows 10 laptop-->VMware workstation 15 Pro-->pfsense VM-->Ethernet card of Windows 10 machine-->LAN router(in bridged mode)-->client devices(connected on wifi 5GHz)

    a) Windows 10 Laptop config:
    Model: Lenovo P50
    Processor:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6820 HQ CPU @2.70GHz
    RAM: 16 GB
    Solid state disk drive
    Wifi card: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260
    Ethernet card: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-LM
    b) pfsense VM config:
    RAM: 2GB
    HDD 30
    WAN: Bridged mode with Wifi card
    LAN: Bridged mode with Ethernet card
    DHCP: served by pfsense to all clients and Windows XP VM(details below)

    1. ISP connection speed comitted: 100 Mbps up/down)
    2. Speed on Windows 10 machine(host): Down:112/Up:105
    3. Speed on Windows XP VM on same VMware workstation(using same bridged LAN network as pfsense LAN network): Down:93/Up:78
    4. Speed on client connected to LAN router: Down:61/Up:30
    5. Speed on OpenVPN connected client: Down:25/Up:25

    I dont have much firewall rules. Just few rules to direct all DNS queries(irespective of any DNS configured on client machine) to openDNS. Memory usage and CPU usage on pfsense is not high even while doing speed test.
    Below oprions are checked to disable them:
    Hardware Checksum Offloading
    Hardware TCP Segmentation Offloading
    Hardware Large Receive Offloading
    I would really appreciate if someone can help me to understand what and where is the issue. I know Wifi is not a good option for WAN however I am waiting for the USB ethernet card to be delivered though speed is still seems to be fine on Windows XP VM.

  • @vishal3213208


    as long, as you have a WiFi based WAN interface we can't give an exact answer to this question..... ISP speed(!?)
    (WiFi is unstable, especially at the front door)

    your system is a really forced configuration, as opposed to the fact that an NGFW should be in the first place
    (I prefer the target hardware for this (bare metal))

    I suggest you forget this (USB NICs)
    I haven't seen many well-functioning configurations with this

    (always a headache, not to mention the USB transfer of the virtual environment (VM USB pass -through and etc.)

    WinXP is dangerous and so is Win7 (already)
    i loved these but there is no support so their use is very dangerous in today’s world

  • @DaddyGo Thanks for your response. ISP connection is terminating on a Optical modem router which also a wifi router. I have connected my windows 10 host to this router via wifi. Connection is stsble on the host machine as I always get around 100 Mbps there. Now that same wifi is bridged to the pfsense VM WAN port on this windows host.
    Windows XP VM is just for testing the direct connection with pfsense and there also download speed is acceptable. The ethernet port of the windows 10 host is bridged as LAN port of pfsense which is connected to a router(I would say LAN router which is providing wifi LAN to my home client devices)

  • @vishal3213208 said in Slow internet speed with pfsense on VMware workstation:

    ISP connection is terminating on a Optical modem router which also a wifi router.

    I understood your configuration perfectly ...
    but it is not possible to wire everything together, with or without impunity...
    (it's a brave idea to have a wifi WAN, but someone can only do that ☺ )

    usually, if there is an ONT / router in bridge mode then wifi will not work there (otherwise dual - NAT - it upsets everything)
    a copper-based solution for the WAN interface would be appropriate...

    the best test method for pfSense from the outside - from the inside is the Kali Linux virtual machine, forget WinXP and others...

    I think you are complicating this setup...
    do you want to learn pfSense or use it for a specific purpose right away?

  • @DaddyGo
    I just want to have pfsense solution to use for my home with minimum to 0 extra cost :).
    If you have some better design which i can use with pfsense vm on vmware then please let me know. Mh main aim was to use openvpn so that i can secure my connections when on public wifi.

  • @vishal3213208

    everyone strives for that...
    these VM things are not a real solution, they are really just save money

    do you want a person or device which is protect you that is only half-trained for this purpose?

  • Issue resolved after attaching USB LAN card. Now I am getting full upload and download speed with MDS and SNORT enabled. It is stable for now lets see how it work for one week :)

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