Nested Gateway Group

  • I have two WANs, initially configured for Primary / Failover via a Gateway Group. I really don't want to use the Failover WAN becuase it is metered. But, the Primary WAN frequently has high latency issues and certain devices seem to have issues with the Latency. But otherwise, the Primary WAN is working fine for most devices.

    What I'd like to try is to normally route through Primary WAN, but on High Latency Alarm route select devices through the Load Balancing Gateway Group.

    My first thought was to try to nest two gateway groups, so that default fails-over to tier 2 load balance group when the primary wan has high latency. It doesn't look nesting gateway groups is possible, unless I'm missing somthing.

    Instead, I've created a gateway group with one member (primary WAN) with High Latency trigger. In the firewall, devices are policy routed through this G/G. I assume that on high latency, this rule will fail due to the G/G being down ("Do not create rules when gateway is down" is enabled). The next firewall rule policy routes through the load balancing G/G.

    Does this make sense, or is there a better way to do this?

  • In a moment of mental clarity, I did this:
    Create a GWG that fails-over on High Latency
    Create another GWG that Fails-over on Member Down
    Create firewall rule that policy routes latency sensentive devices through the Latency Fail-over GWG
    Create another firewal rulle that policy routes other high priority devices through the Member-Down GWG
    All other devices policy route through the Primary WAN only

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