Dell Optiplex FX160 for 2.0 Appliance?

  • Was wondering if anyone has tested the Dell FX160 as an appliance (2.0) or accesspoint since it can also have wifi…...  You can also put in an HDas some models come with an HD. Has 1 or 2 (sata 2) about the sata part but not sure about how many.

    Dell Optilex Refurb also comes with a 3yr NBD onsite warranty included! @ 139.00 It almost seems too good to be true!


    System Price : $139.00

    Operating System
    Novell SUSE Linux Embedded

    512 MB DDR2 NON-ECC SDRAM 800MHz (1 DIMM)

    Hard Disk Drive
    1 GB NVRAM Flash Memory

    Scratch & Dent
    Scratch & Dent

    Processor: Intel Atom 230 Single Core Processor (1.6GHz, 512K L2 cache, 533MHz FSB)

    OptiPlex FX160 Single Core Tiny Desktop

    Software Upgrade
    No Energy Smart Selected

    Hardware Upgrade
    125V Power Cord
    No Hard Drive
    Quiet Key Keyboard
    No Internal Speaker
    USB Optical two button mouse

    More Specs:

    Intel® Atom™ dual core processor (available early 2009)
    Intel® Atom™ single core processor
      Operating Systems 
    Genuine Windows Vista®  Business 32-Bit
    Genuine Windows Vista®  Business with Downgrade Rights Service to Windows®  XP Professional
    Genuine Windows Vista®  Home Basic 32-Bit
    nSeries FreeDOSTM 
    Up to two DIMM slots; Non-ECC single channel 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM, supporting up to 4GB5
    Note: Maximum speed supported to 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
      Network Interface 
    Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet (Broadcom LOM); Optional Dell Wireless 1397 802.11BG Half Mini-PCIe card
    2.5" Up to 160GB1 HDD (7200 RPM)
    20GB Ultra Performance
    64GB Solid State Drive
    Tiny Desktop

    Number of Bays
    Weight: 4.6lbs/2.09kg
    Height: 9.02"/22.9cm
    Width: 1.85"/4.7cm
    Depth: 8.86"22.5cm
    Optional Mounting Brackets
    Dell Wall/Under-desk Mount, Dell Monitor Mount

  • You may not get drivers for the Wireless for anything but Windows and Linux.  The Broadcom chipset (BCM5764M) does not appear to have drivers in FreeBSD.  You'll need to check with Broadcom to see if they have drivers.  This means you'll almost certainly need to use the NDIS wrappers to get it working and I'm not sure how simple that is in pfSense - you'll want to read the Wiki and search the forum.

  • Even if I don't use the wireless (Possibly install other wireless card) As an appliance it does look very sleek and a complete system with 3 yr NBD warranty as an appliance in 2.0 (Possible VOIP or DNS appliance based on pfSense)  Maybe I will buy one and test….....

  • Only one NIC?

  • Yes…one NIC but 2.0 is supposed to work with one NIC as an appliance.....Maybe you could use USB NIC...though I have heard bad things about using USB NIC's.....Price is very nice though.....

  • Yeah, price is great - I guess if you can plug it into a VLAN switch with 1 NIC it would be very good for most applications.

    Being a good deal cheaper than an ALIX box is nice - any idea how much power it draws?

  • From the website:

    OptiPlex Gets Green
    Dell is committed to being the greenest PC Company on the planet and the OptiPlex FX160 delivers, smart energy choices:

    * Intel®  AtomTM  processors benefit from new 45 nm low-power micro-architecture process, which makes the processor energy-efficient and provide excellent single application productivity
        * Help reduce power consumption—and cost— with Dell's integrated power supply, which is up to 87% efficient
        * Designed to meet Energy Star and EPEAT-Gold certifications with select hard drive configurations

  • You're still missing the point - the onboard Broadcom NIC has no FreeBSD driver, it won't work with pfSense.

  • Oh…I thought you were referring to the wireless one...Thanks for crushing my hopes and dreams Cry Havok.... :'(


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