Boot delay XG-7100

  • Hello,

    I rebooted pfsense from the GUI on a PC and it seemed to be taking too long > 15 min for the GUI to start back up, but I could ping it. I went down stairs and started up the console and log entries and it started up. I looked at the log files and noticed it was around 22 minutes to boot. The last log entries that shows the pause are below. Wondering if there is something I should be checking and what was happening for the 22 minutes between these entries.


    Jul 2 15:10:10 kernel pflog0: promiscuous mode enabled
    Jul 2 14:48:56 kernel igb3: link state changed to UP

  • Just wanted to update the post with what I figured out on this. OpenVPN was prompting for a password on boot. Turned out I had client settings with a null password, so it prompted me for it on boot. Not using this now, so once I deleted the client, no more stall on boot.

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