Hardware Upgrade and Version Upgrade config xml problem

  • We are running two netgate appliances in a HA/CARP/VIP configuration running version 2.4.2-P1. The hardware on the primary firewall failed so we bought new hardware to replace both firewalls. The software version on the new hardware is 2.4.3. The hardware is not netgate appliance based. The new hardware boots like it should, however when I restore the backup XML file, which has been edited to correct the names of the ethernet ports (igb0 to em0, etc) the firewall will not restart and I have to install pfsense again to get it back to where I started. Do I have to edit anything else in the XML file to allow the new firewall to start correctly after restoring the XML file?

    I just spotted another potential difference/problem. The version of pfsense running on the old firewall is the netgate licensed version that came with the netgate appliance. The version of pfsense on the new firewall is the community edition. Would that not allow me to use the back xml file from the old firewall on the new firewall?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can move config files between factory and CE, that's not the issue.

    XML (config) sync will not work between different pfSense versions. Both 2.4.2p1 and 2.4.3 are very old you should upgrade both to current, 2.4.5p1.

    State sync will not work between nodes with disimilar NICs. You cannot have igb NICs in one and em NICs in the other.

    None of that should stop it booting. Where does it stop?
    Most likely is the manually edited xml is invalid.


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