Pfsense vs Packeteer

  • Some higlight on Packeteer:-

    Traffic shaping, application visibilty, application acceleration,and many more. more info here

    So how different is Pfsense from Packeteer?

  • I'll start with the obvious one - pfSense is free and you (and others) can extend it.  Otherwise, you're as capable as anybody else of comparing the products.  If you want to know the difference, why don't you look at the feature sets of both and compare them ;)

  • Packeteer is simply a traffic shaper.  It's a good traffic shaper, but its just a traffic shaper.  pfSense is a full-featured firewall which incorporates a traffic shaper.  It's not the best traffic shaper in the world, but its very effective for many tasks.  Also, its free, which packeteer definitely isn't.

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