PPPoE on SG-1100 ping works no other traffic

  • PPPoE on SG-1100 ping works no other traffic

    Migrated my house from a SG-3100 to a SG-1100. Need the 3100 for another project.
    I have dual WAN, cable modem and DSL using PPPoE over modem in bridge mode.
    cable modem is on opt1, DSL is on WAN
    Imported the config from the 3100 and fixed the interface assignments to use vlans
    Redid the PPPoE setup.

    I thought it was all working fine until we had a cable outage today and nothing switched over.
    It all looks good until I try to pass anything besides ICMP over the DSL connection.

    I can traceroute and see the path is properly going through the phone companies network.
    DNS doesnt go, SSH is also no go.

    If I plug the modem into my laptop I can setup a PPPoE connection with same credentials and it works fine.

    Packet captures on the WAN interface show echo requests and replies
    SSH and DNS are outgoing, no return packets.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    I'm going to bring the 3100 back tomorrow for more testing.

  • I ended up grabbing a new SG-1100, went through the setup wizard - DSL connection fully working.
    Then selectively copied over config sections and recreated the rest by hand, did not restore system or interfaces.
    All is working now.
    Probably for the best, I think this router config is on its 4th device and needed to get reset.
    Alix, APU, 3100, 1100

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