Two WAN Connections + Two VPN End Points = Strange Routing Requirement

  • Guys,

    I’m hoping I’m missing something really obvious here …

    I have a PFS 2.4.5r1 running on a VMWare 6.5 VM set up with two internet feeds [let’s call them ‘A’ and ‘B’] and a single inside connection. A and B are both public IP addresses connected directly to the internet.

    I have default route out of ‘A’.

    I have set up two IPSEC tunnels to two remote sites [let’s call them RA and RB] … RA terminating on ‘A’ and RB terminating on ‘B’.

    The RB connection via ‘B’ works fine – I have made no policy-based routing changes to accomplish this.

    HOWEVER – the connection to RA terminating on ‘A’ [you’ll recall ‘A’ is the default route] doesn’t work UNLESS I set up a static route to RA site via ‘B’. When I check the IPSEC endpoints on this tunnel, I see RA<->A and RB<->B on PFS and remote devices.

    If I flip things around so RB terminates on A and RA on B, I get the same thing.

    Any suggestions re- what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Hi Again,

    I had missed something really obvious ... line a mis-addressed route.

    Had to be something as dumb as thins when you think about it.

    Thanks for politely ignoring me :)

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