• SquidGuard Destinations filter seem to not be out of whack if i enter anything into the Destinations filter it all out of wack it never use to be this way biut now its shows up like the attach image.

  • What pfSense version?

  • started from build may 22  now  on 1.2.3-RC1 built on Mon May 25 06:06:10 EDT 2009 FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p5 i38

    reinstall squidguard  still the same.

  • /usr/local/pkg/squidguard_dest.xml
    set as here 'adddeleteeditpagefield' group

            <adddeleteeditpagefields><columnitem><fielddescr>Destination name</fielddescr>

  • There is a lot of questions about the interaction of 'Default' and 'ACL'.
    Now 'Default' handles only those customers who do not conform to any 'ACL'. In doing so, 'Default' has its own settings, and each 'ACL' - their own.
    [client] -> [ SG > ( filter ACL or Default) ] -> [inet]

    There is an idea to extend the options' Default 'all' ACL ':
    [client]->[ SG > (the first filter ACL) > (the second filter Default) ] -> [inet]

    I think it would be more intuitive to use? What opinion?

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