Added STATE in transport mode using xfrm, but SELECTOR displaying src and dst can be any address

  • Created the policy and state using xfrm framework.
    Listing of all states is displaying using the command"ip -6 xfrm state list".

    In transport mode, why the SELECTOR setting src and dst can be any address, is it the default setting?
    Can some one please explain.

    sel src ::/0 dst ::/0

  • Added more details in the commands:
    Didn't add any "sel" option in the state command but by default "sel src ::/0 dst ::/0".
    Can anyone please help me to understand.

    IPSEC : ip -6 xfrm command for STATE
    ip -6 xfrm state add src fe78::290:bff:fe59:ffa dst ff02::5 proto esp spi 256 mode transport auth sha256 Test enc cipher_null

    list of added states:

    ip -6 xfrm state list
    src fe78::290:bff:fe59:fffa dst ff02::5
    proto esp spi 0x00000100 reqid 0 mode transport
    replay-window 0
    auth-trunc hmac(sha256) 0x54657374 96
    enc ecb(cipher_null) 0x
    sel src ::/0 dst ::/0


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