Help pfsense filesystem full, gui crash, firewall blocking all attempts to get in

  • I was logging in earlier today trying to tweak some rules when all of a sudden the GUI crapped out and only showed the tabs at the top, showing I had no firewall rules and the dashboard wouldn't load!
    The wan ix0 also crapped out at the same time leaving me with no internet.
    I can't get in via ssh, but I was able to get the console working.
    After I couldn't figure out what was wrong I restored to factory settings and suddenly the entire 32gb drive is full!!
    This is an xg-7100 so I'm not sure why this would be failing so early.
    I also can't get back in after the restore because my whole network is set up with vlans and apparently I can't set a lagg group as a vlan from the console so I can get a gui session up.

    What should I do?

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    Use du -h -d1 / to check from the local console where your space is going. If it's logging stuff I'd clean some of them up to get your pfSense up and running quick, then elaborate what happened.


  • Found a 25 gig pcap sitting in root. I do not remember running any capture for that long but it's gone now.

    One big complaint: pfsense config backup apparently does not back up the xg-7100s marvell switch configuration because I just restored a config and there is no connectivity to the firewall. Such a shame

    Now I have to figure out how to add back the link aggr. Config I had on the marvell switch from the console...

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    Any config change to the switch via WebGUI should be stored in the config.xml


  • Just restored the config and lagg is not setup, but the vlans are.
    No connectivity so I can confirm the backup function does not save the marvell switch configuration...

    The lights on the rj45 jacks are not on. Something isn't in the config......

  • Just tried restoring part of the config (vlans and interfaces) and went to check the switch ports config and they are NOT restored.

    This may be an overlook on netgates part, but I think a backup config should contain the port vid and lagg state of integrated switches in their product line.

    If it is an overlook, well I am very frustrated and disappointed.
    Now I am going to have to redo the lagg setup by hand....

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