Flexible Limits (Equal Bandwidth Splitting) + Multi Wan Problem

  • Hello everyone,

    I am currently using pfSense 2.3.5-RELEASE-p2 (i386), trying to enforce a cap on user traffic and to dynamically manage the limit based on real network conditions — allocating more bandwidth per device when the network is quiet and less bandwidth per device when many clients are chatting at the same time, i.e. dividing the total bandwidth evenly between the clients.

    In my current setup i have

    • Multiple WAN { 3 connections: WAN1: UP:100Mbps/Down:100Mbps, WAN2: UP:8Mbps/Down:40Mbps, WAN3: UP:1Mbps/Down:4Mbps }
    • Multiple failover gateway groups. {WAN1_Then_WAN2_Then_WAN3,WAN2_Then_WAN1_Then_WAN3}
    • LAN Rules using failover gateway groups ( To put specific LAN pc's on specific WAN as first priority to manage bandwidth more effectively )
    • LAN Rules using particular gateway only { For some unnecessary Virtual machines we don't want it to use particular failover, so they are routed to particular gateway only, in an event of that WAN getting disconnected the Virtual machines also gets disconnected, which is desired. }
    • Upload and Download limiter for each WAN connection made in the following way
      Upload Limiter
      Enable: Enable limiter and its children
      Name: Upload_WAN1
      Bandwidth: 100 Mbps
      Mask: None
      Upload Limiter Queue
      Enable: Enable this queue
      Name: Upload_WAN1_Queue
      Mask: Source Address
      IPv4 mask bits: 32
      IPv6 mask bits: 128
      Download Limiter
      Enable: Enable limiter and its children
      Name: Download_WAN1
      Bandwidth: 100 Mbps
      Mask: None
      Download Limiter Queue
      Enable: Enable this queue
      Name: Download_WAN1_Queue
      Mask: Destination Address
      IPv4 mask bits: 32
      IPv6 mask bits: 128

    Similar limiters exist for WAN2 and WAN3

    Now i have created the following Floating Rule

    • Action: Match
      Quick: Unchecked
      Interface: LAN
      Direction: any
      Address: IPv4
      Protocol: Any
      Source: LAN Net
      Destination: Check Invert Match ................... LAN Net ( Not LAN Net)
      Advanced Options ---> In / Out pipe: Upload_WAN1_Queue .................... Download_WAN1_Queue

    For WAN1 this works, but as soon as i create similar rules for WAN2 and WAN3, my WAN1 limiter also doesn't work properly and my download bandwidth gets reduced to 2Mbps, even if we suppose WAN3 limiter is affecting it; WAN3 limiter download is set to 4Mbps.

    If anyone could suggest any way out, it would be great.

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    2.3.x is EOL since October 31, 2018
    There changed a lot under the hood and I don't think lot ppl can remember issues from almost 2 years ago.
    So upgrade to the latest and greatest version, recheck and sum up again as necessary.


  • Upgraded to 2.4.5, still the same problem.

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