Proxy & Dual WAN

  • Hello!

    I have two WAN Links 1 PPPoE fixed public IP [WAN] + 1 Cable fixed private IP NATed via Cable-Router [OPT1].

    ASP services are going via [WAN], all outgoing Web-Traffic is supposed to go via [OPT1].

    When I configure Squid (no matter what interface it is bound to), it will always create client connections that are routed via [WAN], even if Squid is bound to [OPT1] only!
    This is very strange, it seems to me the traffic is NATed and forwarded via [WAN] instead of being forwarded to the Cable-Router.

    Is there a simple way to solve this problem?

  • This is a faq. Only connections running THROUGH the pfsense can be balanced. For everything running at the pfSense itself the default gateway is the WAN gateway. So squid can't make use of any gateway other than WAN unless your squid runs on another box inside your LAN.