First time install - Web interface not loading?

  • I've just installed pfsense for the first time. Here is the specs i have used :

    Intel Core i5-4460 Socket LGA1150
    ASUS B85M-G Motherboard
    8gb Corsair DDR3 Ram
    Corsair 550w PSU
    Additional NIC : TP-LINK TG-3468

    So i have my isp router pluged into the motherboard network interface. The TP link card is supposed to be acting as 1 lan port, i have this connected directly to my pc. I ran through the setup of pfsense and all seemed to go ok, it picked up 2 interfaces and i plugged ethernet cables as mentioned before.

    Once the pfsense build boots i get the options on my screen. I attempt to go to but there is nothing coming up and i cant access the internet.
    My ISP router that is plugged into the WAN port has a default ip address of, could this be causing a conflict with pfsense?

    I'm pretty new to this so any help would be massively appreciated. I've attached a picture of what is on the pfsense screen after booting. alt text

  • No offense meant, but you must be very new to this ... ☺.

    Let's start by saying pfSense is a firewall distribution that is meant to be a standalone box. You do not get to the GUI on the console of the pfSense device. You instead must go to a PC or other device (mobile phone or tablet) on your LAN and then open an HTTP or HTTPS browser session to the pfSense box's IP address.

    But your setup is never going to work because you have your WAN and LAN configured in the same subnet. That can never work. You can't have your WAN and LAN interfaces in the same subnet. Your WAN is showing with IP address and your LAN has IP address If you don't understand what I mean by being in the same subnet, then you really need to spend some time on Google looking at some basic networking tutorials to understand network routing.

    Things will be easier if you dispense with your ISP router if possible. Folks with cable modems most often do this by placing the modem in bridge mode. Your pfSense firewall should be the only device plugged into the ISP box, and the ISP connection should go to the WAN port of pfSense. All of your LAN devices would connect to the LAN port of pfSense. This usually is done by connecting the LAN port of pfSense to an Ethernet switch and then plugging all of your other LAN devices into that switch.

    If you can't put your ISP router/modem in bridge mode, then things get a whole lot more complicated to set up.

    Judging by the fact your WAN is configured for DHCP and has been assigned an address of by the ISP's router, your ISP device is not operating in bridge mode. So you will need to configure your LAN with a static IP address in a different IP subnet. Try for the LAN IP or even That will work because then LAN and WAN on pfSense will be in different subnets and routing can happen. Of course you still need to then move all of your other LAN devices over to the same IP subnet as you assign to the pfSense LAN. That means the devices would need to get IP addresses from either or

    If you are using wireless devices with your ISP router, things get even more complicated. To use pfSense and your ISP device at the same time you will have to get a new wireless AP that can hang off of the pfSense LAN connection along with all of your other LAN devices.

  • Got it working after changing the subnet, thanks.

  • @videogamingtown said in First time install - Web interface not loading?:

    Got it working after changing the subnet, thanks.

    👍. Glad you got it sorted out.

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