Remote Desktop / VPN - Drops Connection Reconnect

  • Current:
    Version: 1.2-RELEASE
    Uptime: 105 days, 03:27
    State table size: 837/10000
    MBUF Usage: 137 / 3480

    Packages: Squid, OpenVPN
    LAN: 30 workstation
    5 ws outside my office

    Note: until the last few days, I have not had a single problem in-house, to access remotely to my office with rd or vpn


    Before yesterday, try to connect by remote desktop on my pc at the office (from a wifi connection) and I noticed that the approximately 30 seconds to connect, lost control of the desktop display (losing control is not able to write or not being able to move a window, those things), but at 30 seconds back to take control over it, but again to repeat the same period the loss of connection. I see the little window that say lost connection, try to reconnect, miliseconds i see and reconnect.

    I guessed there might be a problem with the wifi, or something similar, so try again yesterday from a wired connection and repeated the same problem, I connect without a problem, it loses the connection to 30 seconds and returns the connection 30 seconds, and so on.

    To get me out of doubt, use the vpn connection I have in the office (openvpn in pfsense), I see that it connects smoothly and creates the link, but I noticed a regular period, the connection is reset, and openvpn connect again .

    Sun Aug 03 03:05:59 2008 us=892535 Initialization Sequence Completed
    Sun Aug 03 04:05:51 2008 us=679409 TLS: soft reset sec=0 bytes=6507534/0 pkts=14541/0

    Seen this, I imagine that the problem lies in the same pfsense that for some reason is causing this problem (my guess)

    Reminds me that this happened around the uptime of this pfsense, which is higher than 103 days and sometimes by a reset.

    In my LAN, I have all the machines in use all day and I do not have a single problem with communications and proxy works great.


    a. Someone has something similar happened?
    b. This is something common to happen?
    c. pfSense requires occasional restarts to avoid such problems?
    d. Can monitor something or do something to see if we can discover the problem?
    e. Any suggestions?


    I restart the pfsense and the problem still

    Thank you very much.


  • Hellow Salu2,

    i'm trying VPN connection on my pfsense but it seems not working at all, could you please guide me through the steps in order to achieve this VPN remote connection.

    Looking forward to your most supportive response.



  • Rather than posting to a months old thread, how about starting a fresh one in the correct sub-forum for the VPN you're trying to use (IPsec, PPTP or OpenVPN).

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