Router web UI locked up and won't boot

  • After a solid 6 months of using pfSense with out any issues, my router, very similar if not exactly the same as this, died mid workday. My neighborhood had an outage (unbeknownst to me at the time) and I started by logging into my pfSense to have a quick look around. I was able to log in but the UI locked up and I had to hard reboot it.

    After that it would continuously go into some sort of panic and wouldn't boot and I had to reinstall.

    I took a look at the dump which I have attached below and can't seem to make sense of it. Everything is running fine now but I'd like to use this as a learning opportunity and maybe address any issues that may still be lying in wait. Is this something I should be worried about recurring?


  • @gullible-goose-gander said in Router web UI locked up and won't boot:

    Is this something I should be worried about recurring?

    You should probably change some rules.

    It's 2020 : we are still allowed to pull the plug on a (some) coffee machines. All other devices , you have to activate the shut down method.
    if the GUI, accessible with a web browser, doesn't work, you could use the other, even more important interface : SSH (it should be activated on at least LAN) and this port :

    COM: Support 1*RJ45 COM(Support CONSOLE Function)

    That port, the console port, permit you to shut down properly, do file system checks (see one of the latest Netgate videao on Youtube).

    Just ripping out he power could mess up the file system. What happens then can be easily tested : try with your PC : boot and cut the power several times .... it won't take long for your PC not to boot any more.

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