Squidguard does not "Apply" the changes made on acl after restart.

  • Can anyone help me please! My squidguard does not "Apply" the changes i've made on the acl after restart. The config is there even when i view the squidguard config  under the Log tab. I tried reinstalling the squidguard and re-configure the squidguard again, still nothing happen. If you want to see my squidGuard config file please see attached file: squidGuard_config.txt

  • # 
    acl {
    # Allowed Connection
    nonOfficeHours within nonOfficeHours {

    Set different names for ACL 'nonOfficeHours' and Time 'nonOfficeHours'

  • I'll try it. ACL supposed to be nonWorkHours it must be typo for me. Thanks dvserg!

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