How to migrate network from USG to PFSense

  • I have a ubiquiti network setup USG, switches, AP's. I got a SG-1100 to replace my USG. My question is how to migrate the network information from the USG to the netgate?

    On my unifi network i have the USG/switches/and AP's on the default LAN which doesn't have a vlan ID. When i went through the setup of the SG-1100 I setup the same IP of the USG router with the same IP as the USG and all my other vlans that I have.

    I was hoping to just do a swap once it's configured but obviously I'm missing something.

    Apologies in advanced as I am new to networking.

  • @anamuco247


    Basically, USG and pfSense are different philosophies.
    (somewhere each is network security device, but on a different basis)

    so there is no way to migrate settings from USG to pfSense one at a time.
    You can, of course, keep the network topology, but first you learn how to use pfSense (test environment) and then configure it the way you need it.

    The starting point will be:

    a little later:

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