Gateway Monitoring not working

  • Since I switched to my Fiber ISP, I have not been able to get the Gateway monitoring working.

    I had it disabled up until now, but I plan on adding a 4G failover so I need to get it working.

    My pfSense is behind the fiber modem/router in a DMZ and everything works properly.

    Gateway monitoring works perfectly on my OpenVPN gateways and ping works perfectly through the WAN interface.

    I have tried messing with the advanced settings to no avail.

    Edit: I am trying with dpinger from the console:

    dpinger -f -d 1 -B *PIA local VPN IP*



    dpinger -f -d 1 -B *WAN interface IP*

    shows 0 0 100

    Edit 2: I connected a second device to the ISP modem/router, dpinger fails to ping the modem/router and the second device when ping has no problem.
    Also, dpinger fails to ping any external address when I bind it to the LAN interface and can only ping LAN IPs.
    Binding it to localhost, I cannot ping external addresses while when I try to ping LAN addresses, I get sendto error: 49.
    I am trying all of the above with data lengths > 0.

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