I cannot route between LAN and VLAN

  • I have a basic pfSense router setup:

    I'm trying to setup a separate network to be used by my IOT devices. Does it even need to be a VLAN if it's on it's own port? Anyway here's my setup and here are my firewall rules:


    I have a simple device on my IOT network using static IP and I'm not able to access it from my LAN network. I am able to ping the IOT gateway which is but if I attempt to ping it just times out.

    I'm new to pfSense, but I've followed what documentation I've been able to find and setup my IOT VLAN as much like my LAN network. What am I missing?
    When I setup a firewall rule that says LAN net can allow ANY access to my IOT net, that should include all VLAN communications as well right?

  • Random guess: Are you using a /24 subnet or /16? I've seen this sort of problem when a device has an interface with a subnet mask while everything else has The result of this would be that device wouldn't bother trying to route thru a gateway because it thinks the destination is on the same subnet.

  • GW settings of the IoT Device?

    No GW no answer from other Subnet.

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    @greymouser said in I cannot route between LAN and VLAN:

    Does it even need to be a VLAN if it's on it's own port?

    No it doesn't - but what are you connecting these ports too? You can not just connect them to a dumb switch.. You need to either use different dumb switches for your different networks. Or you need to be connecting to a single device.

    If your connecting into a switch - then you will need to setup up vlans on the switch for your different ports.. Pfsense doesn't have to know anything about them.

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