System Log: List Queue Overflow

  • I am seeing this entry several times each hour. Is this something to be concerned about? This is on new netgate hardware.


    Annotation 2020-07-13 110427.jpg

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You need to track down what the service is that is overloaded.

    That pcb id there, ffff801681bc1d0, can be matched up with the output of netstat -LaAn. From that line, you'll see the local address and port involved. Then look in sockstat to correlate that port with a specific process. Whatever that is, it is being overloaded with connection requests. It could be that there are too many for the hardware or current configuration to handle, or it may be that the daemon is stuck/wedged somehow. Need more info to say for sure what it might be.

  • Hi @jimp Jim Pingle,

    Thank you for giving me some feedback!. I tried, but I am not able to match it up with a lan address/port. 0xfffff801681bc1d0 is not listed.

    Annotation 2020-07-13 144225.jpg

  • Sockstat seems to have helped. Looks like the cause is UPNP-PMPNat. I noticed a bunch connections on port 2189 from PFSense to my nas. Disabled these services and they seem to go away. Will see how the log looks in the am.

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