pfSense as OpenVPN Server - Assigning Static IP's to Multiple Inputs

  • I have a Netgate XG-1541 that I use as an OpenVPN server. I have the following assigned:

    • ix1 (WAN): Not used.

    • igb1 (LAN): OpenVPN connectivity, static IP at

    • igb0 (Snort): one of my switch ports mirrors all traffic here

    Previously, everything was working perfectly. igb0 had an IP of and Snort was working perfectly.

    I upgraded pfSense after needing to do a system restore. I manually assigned igb0 through the VGA console to and igb1 to DHCP is being provided by my router and not the pfSense server.

    I am able to get igb1 to work and OpenVPN functions as intended. However, I cannot get Snort to work again. igb0 does not grab an IP from my router. I have successfully assigned it an IP address, but there appears to be no Snort traffic.

    Looking for a little help here if you have any suggestions.


  • Maybe I'm overcomplicating things.

    If the switch is mirroring the port connecting the router to the switch (thereby capturing all traffic from the router), will it even get an IP from the router and does it even need one set as a static IP? I've not seen any data from Snort for alerts in >48 hours which has me wondering. However, when I ran a packet capture, it seems to be capturing all packets.

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