Three issues still apparent on 2.4.5

  • 1.) The GUI seems to randomly take forever when doing something, most recently on a Netgate SG3100 using the openVPN wizard hitting the finish button took 15 minutes. For no reason. This is regardless of the hardware, I've ran into the issue on a dual Xeon 2630 with 64GB of ram and a raid 60 of SSDs. Had an issue with the SG5100 as well.

    2.) Sometimes when logging in, nothing happens so you need to click "Sign In" again and it gives an error asking if you want to resubmit the data. Again, randomly on Netgate and non-netgate hardware, sometimes super overkill hardware. I want to say CRC error, but I can't just make it happen on demand so I can't say for sure. This may be part of issue #1.

    3.) When setting an Internal LAN IP address via console or ssh shell, it asks if you would like to set up a DHCP server, and you set say .100 - .199 it will adhere to that but when you go to DHCP Servers the GUI still shows .10 to .245

    All three have been issues since 2.4.0 release although I want to say #3 was prevalent before that but that was so long ago I can't be sure. #2 more recently got a different screen, it used to be white with black text and you would just click "Try again" and it would go away. The new one is red and requires a checkbox.

    Are these on Redmine?

  • 1 2 and 3 have one thing in common : pfSense can't save the config .....

    @PhlMike said in Three issues still apparent on 2.4.5:

    Are these on Redmine?

    Your 3 finding are important enough to be signalled as an issue.

    I can only test option 2 - and do so for years now, several times a day. But I don't recall I saw something that resembles what you described (except for DNS rebind errors and related).

  • 2.4.5p1 fixes issues with CPU and memory issues, you might want to update first and see how you go, but there are many topics on this issue for 2.4.5 (non P1)

  • Netgate Administrator

    #2 there sounds like the expected behaviour with the CSRF check. That has been present for a long time but it was not obvious what was happening. In 2.4.5 a custom page was added that provides feedback:

    #1 Obviously should not happen. It can take a lot longer to complete tasks if the firewall has no WAN connection and is trying to use one, such as if you have ACB configured. I've never seen it take 15mins just to complete the wizard though.

    #3 Is it possible you are doing that before completing or escaping the initial setup wizard?


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