Soekris 5501 + pfSense 1.2.2/1.2.3RC = boot problem

  • Hi!

    I am experiencing problems regarding soekris 5501 and pfSense 1.2.2 and pfSense 1.2.3RC.
    I am using CF card as storage for pfSense.
    The first boot after flashing the CF card with pfSense it boots fine. but when i reboot the device, it wont boot properly.
    If i connect via com-cable i get :
    **Hit [Enter] to boot immediatly, or any other key for command prompt.

    Typ ´?´for a list of commands, ´help´for mor detailed help.
    as shown in attachment: output1.jpg

    For it to continue to boot, i need to enter:  boot-conf or read-conf then autoboot.
    If i only enter autoboot, the output is: ot not found
    as shown in attachment: output2.jpg

    It boots just fine with pfSense 1.2.

    ./Jack Daniel

  • Strange. I'm running embedded 1.2.2 on a 2GB cf card on a 5501 and it reboots fine. I've got 1.2.2 full running off an SSD on another and it's fine also. Anything peculiar about your configuration?

  • the configuration is clean. I just let it boot, and then reboot it or unplug and then plug the powercord. Next time it tries to start, it stops and waits for me to enter the boot commands.

  • BIOS? Mine is running 1.33c. I think I only had to fiddle with the settings on the SATA setup, but here are the settings for reference:

    ConSpeed = 9600
    ConLock = Enabled
    ConMute = Disabled
    BIOSentry = Enabled
    PCIROMS = Enabled
    PXEBoot = Disabled
    FLASH = Primary
    BootDelay = 2
    FastBoot = Disabled
    BootPartition = Disabled
    BootDrive = 80 81 FF FF
    ShowPCI = Enabled
    Reset = Hard
    CpuSpeed = Default

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