XG-1541 SSD Failure?

  • I had an issue that caused me to have to reinstall pfSense. The router became unresponsive on my XG-1541. After working well for 24 hours, I was unable to log into the web configurator page. I went to my network rack and there is a boot error (it is attempting to boot from a LAN device as a backup).

    I'm wondering if the SSD could be bad. I have a spare SanDisk 480GB SSD (SDSSDXPS-480G) that previously had Windows loaded on it.

    Does anyone know if this is compatible with the XG-1541, and if so, can I simply insert it and reinstall the pfSense software?


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    I‘d just try it if the XG-1541 is completely down now anyway.
    If you need to ping Netgate support to get the latest 2.4.5-p1 Image I would ask them there about the SSD.


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    It almost certainly is compatible. It's not something we've tested specifically but I'm not aware of any special requirements. Any SATA SSD should work.


  • I had an M.2 SSD from a Dell laptop that I upgraded to a Samsung Evo Pro. The SanDisk was actually a square drive.

    I went to Staples and purchased one, but then when I got home realized it was a NVMe drive with only one notch. The old Intel that was in the XG-1541 had 2 notches in it. Perhaps the NVMe would've fit, but I had the old Dell laptop drive.

    Things are working well with it.

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    Just for reference it would not have worked with an NVMe drive it has to be SATA.


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