vpn routing based on domain

  • I have a pfsense vpn box which is working fine for me. I currently have a new client that would like for me to provide them VPN services to them. I was thinking of creating a A record on their domain as "vpn.client1.com" which will point to my PFSense box. From there I would like to route those users to ONLY their servers. they should not have access to any other networks. The plan is to be able to offer this service to other clients.

    Not sure how to accomplish this or if there is a better way of doing this?

  • Specify IPv4 Local network(s), only those networks will be accessible from the remote endpoint.

    Also add FW rule to pass/block the traffic on openvpn interface, you can specify the source/destination.

  • This is for customer VPN access not site to site. Client will come in from any IP. How can I tag customer1 to see only their customer1_servers and customer2 only their customer2_servers?

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