Proxy filter and windows active directory users group

  • hi all

    i've configured the pfsense proxy server with w2k RADIUS Authentication method, and all work fine !
    i've configured the pfsense content filter to allow some users access to internet… and work only if in the username field there isn't a dot.
    ex.. name.surname doesn't work....
    i would like to configure some proxy filter ACL to allow a specific group of active directory to access internet......
    i've tried to configure a group ex.. domain\internetuser and the result is then all the users are able to access to internet

    is this a bug ? or the windows active directory ou/usergroup are not supported ? and is there any way to do this  like another authentication method... ?

    thanks in advance

    best regards


  • thanks for the tips

    is there a way to enable a windows users groups ?

    I'm the sistem administrator of a network with a lot hundred of users, and add every user in proxy acl is a very hard job to manage ….

    should I change the authentication method?


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