LAN issues while establishing OpenVPN client connection

  • I have an OpenVPN client on WAN that occasionally goes down and needs to be reestablished. This works fine.

    However, I am experiencing LAN issues when this occurs. Existing connections across LANs/VLANs are dropped and new ones can't be established. Everything goes back to normal once the VPN is established.

    My question is just is this expected behavior or have I misconfigured something? If the latter, any pointers where I should be looking?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Check in System > Advanced > Miscellaneous do you have 'State Killing on Gateway Failure' set? Does it need to be?

    Do you have 'Skip rules when gateway is down' set there? Do you have poliucy routing rules on the intrerfaces affected via the OpenVPN client gateway?


  • Thank you! 'State Killing on Gateway Failure' was set and did not need to be. I'll have to wait for the next time the VPN goes down to be sure it solves my issue, but it looks like it should.

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