Intranet is effected by Internet, cannot figure out why...

  • I have multiple networks behind a single WAN, as an example network A can access network B and visa versa, but when internet (WAN) goes down, traffic between these two networks is down as well, even though packets never need to path via internet at all.

    I've tried adding additional gateways on the two interfaces, using dynamic IPs. I than added firewall rules allowing the data from network A to network B using network's B gateway via advanced settings. I've also added similar rules from B to A using A's gateway. This does not appear to have completely solved the issue, as the existing TCP streams are dropped when WAN goes down and need to be reestablished.

    What can I do / check / change in order for the TCP streams between the two networks to not be effected by what is going on with the WAN gateway?

  • Ok, I finally figured it out: I had to disable gateway monitoring action (or monitoring in general) of the IPv4 gateway within System > Routing. Seems that one of the actions is to reset current states, which includes those not using the said gateway...

  • Omg i had the same issue, and struggled to find a solution. I just saw ur post (it would have been more helpful if i would have had this information while struggling haha) but very helpful! this worked for me too

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