New UXG-7100, slow performance and kernel panic

  • I unpacked my new 7100 yesterday and the device shows some sluggish performance.
    It started that it was not detectable under it's default IP even though no other device aside from the 7100 and the configuring endpoint being on that network. Eventually, I had to resort to SSH for the setup.

    After finishing the setup wizard in the WebGUI I recognized that the device shows lots of latency and sluggish UX behavior. Every switch between UX pages takes several seconds (regardless of browser) and actual setting changes result the device to freeze up temporarily.

    On top, the system does not produce any system logs at all. managing the device from a different endpoint didn't make any difference and resetting to factory defaults also didn't change anything for the better. syslogd stops immediately after the start.

    Eventually, pfSense produced a dump this morning.

    Little extract from the 1500+ dump

    Any advice short of exchanging the device?

    `db:0:kdb.enter.default> run lockinfo
    db:1:lockinfo> show locks
    No such command; use "help" to list available commands
    db:1:lockinfo> show alllocks
    No such command; use "help" to list available commands
    db:1:lockinfo> show lockedvnods
    Locked vnodes
    db:0:kdb.enter.default> show pcpu
    cpuid = 1
    dynamic pcpu = 0xfffffe06c4e81800
    curthread = 0xfffff800110a7000: pid 12 "swi1: pfsync"
    curpcb = 0xfffffe06626dfa80
    fpcurthread = none
    idlethread = 0xfffff8000a3b6620: tid 100004 "idle: cpu1"
    curpmap = 0xffffffff834fa9c0
    tssp = 0xffffffff835ac0b8
    commontssp = 0xffffffff835ac0b8
    rsp0 = 0xfffffe06626dfa80
    gs32p = 0xffffffff835b2d10
    ldt = 0xffffffff835b2d50
    tss = 0xffffffff835b2d40
    tlb gen = 3886

  • LAYER 8

    Please open a ticket at
    you can try to format and reinstall pfsense, ask for instructions on the ticket
    they are very fast on answering

  • @kiokoman Appreciate the advice, thank you! Trying to get traction on this since noon, with no avail. The post-sales experience for a brand new device is sub-par.

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