Tunnel From Vultr PFSense to Physical PFSense

  • First post btw.

    Bottom Line: I created an IPSec tunnel that establishes and stays up. I can ping from my homelab to Vultr network through the tunnel using private addresses. I cannot ping homelab from Vultr though, this is really frustrating. I have been working on this for two days. I am fairly new to this, so hopefully I have made a simple mistake.


    Homelab - 10.10.x.x/24 Network. 1 Physical nano server with PFSense installed and a Windows 10 Pro box This network can ping Vultr clients, no problem.

    Vultr - 192.168.x.x/24 Network. 1 PFSense instance and 1 Windows 2016 Server. These instances can ping each other but not Homelab clients.

    I can provide more info as we go. Thanks in advance.

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