monitoring only sg-1100

  • I upgrade recently to a 1 Gbit/s Internet connection. My SG-1100 doesn't unfortunately has the power to handle the connection. I would like to use it for bandwidth and flow monitoring (pfsense). Here is my current setup:

    ISP Modem <-> managed switch <-> WAN Eero gateway
    manged switch SPAN /Mirror port of all LAN traffic <-> Pfsense OPT port
    PFSENSE LAN port : Gui /console access

    There might be some package drop, but the bandwidth and flow monitoring is not even close to reality.
    is there a way to configure the ports of the SG-1100 to achieve this. Does in my case the opt port needs a specific configuration. I set it currently to IPv4 and DHCP.
    Thanks in advance

  • Netgate Administrator

    What are you running on the SG-1100 to log the traffic on the span port?

    I'm not sure what you're trying there has ever been tested so I couldn't tell you what sort of performance you could expect there.

    The OPT port would not need any config to monitor incoming packets, I would set that to 'none'.

    Do you have pf disabled?


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