Pfsense and Connectify (Speedify) - Bonding slow FTTC and 4G

  • Setup a Pfsense router (mini PC with 4 Lan ports) as needed to see what was hogging most of my FTTC connection.. I get 18mb and a couple of devices on the network was sucking most of my rubbish bandwidth. Pfsense helped identify and control the network a little better.

    Next up I’ve purchased a 4G modem, turns out I can get 70mb with EE. I tried to bond with Pfsense but as you all know it only does load balancing and not bonding.

    Been doing some research on Connectify, I’ve used Speedify before and its worked well. I have a mini PC, with three network adapters ( 4G modem, FTTC, Connectify Routed Port). I want to use Connectify to bond my FTTC and 4G via my Mini PC and then push this to my Pfsense router. Struggling to get my head around setting it up with my Pfsense router, I want this router to terminate the FTTC connection with my modem, I don’t want to use a BT homeHub or similar. The trouble is I am then pushing the connection back to my Connectify pc to bond it with my 4G and then throw it back at the PfSense router as another WAN to push out to my network.

    Help… Thanks

  • Netgate Administrator

    You probably can do that but why not just terminate the FTTC connection on the Connectify device?
    Passing that traffic twice through pfSense seems like a waste of CPU cycles. Though at 18Mbps it's unlikely to trouble anything.


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