DHCP6 leases are not showing for interface OPT1 (RESOLVED)

  • Hello,

    Version: 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1

    I have small ip4/ipv6 network on OPT1 interface. DHCP ipv4 leases are working as it should, i can see them, but leases for ipv6 for OpT1 interface are not showing even after reboot (someone said about this long time ago, in the 2018 or something like that, user couldn't see DHCP6 leases, reboot worked for him, but not in my case).

    This is bug. I found one more but I saw someone already posted on redmine when LAN rules for IPV6 are not working.

  • Ok, I have found why ....in "Router Advertisements" you need to chose some mode in " Router mode".

    Double check next time ☺

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