RRD_Summary, dates issues

  • Hi forum

    When I view the RRD Summary page, it neatly displays estimated traffic stats by month.
    Its a-good-thing. However there's 2 small wrinkles.

    1. I'm confused by the dates.
      Mine shows "2020-06-19 to 07-18-2020", which is mixing different date formats.
      YYYY-MM-DD then MM-DD-YYYY
      Actually, in my realm we prefer to use DD-MM-YYYY.

    2. While on dates, our monthly "plan" rolls over on 19th of each month.
      How can I save 19 in the Start Day settings ?
      I can change the 1 to 19 brutally in the php code, however that clearly won't survive any updates.

    TIA's for any help.

    Edit. Also, its a shame the extra Interfaces are referenced as OPT1 and OPT2, rather than their assigned names, DMZ and WiFi.

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