Mult-WAN GW it prefers tier3 for OpenVPN client?

  • I've got a mult-wan setup, Charter cable + a T1 from TDS as backup. The T1 is set to tier 2 in the wan gateway fail over group, I also just adjusted it to tier 3 in my multi-wan gateway group. This way, their 1, the Charter cable is the preferred gateway when it's up. I also have it set to high latency or ping loss as the detection metric. All internet seems to be flowing out of the Charter just fine BUT when the stupid OpenVPN client from that router to another router at HQ for a customer connects to HQ it shows it's coming from the T1!!!

    This is annoying to say the least.

    I haven't rebooted the router but why oh why would OpenVPN client prefer the tier 3 backup T1 connection in the gateway group? I almost think this is a bug BECAUSE the T1 is plugged into the "default wan port", you know...the ethernet port designated as "wan" and not the optional port. I think PFSense, if memory serves me because it's been a while since I installed one from scratch, has wan, lan and opt1, opt2, etc, etc.

    So in my setup, the "wan" was the T1 and "opt1" is charter cable. We brought in charter cable only recently. I wonder if it's something low level where the openvpn client on the router prefers the "wan" rather than the optional interface which is also a wan just not named as such.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

    2.4.5-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Tue Mar 24 15:25:50 EDT 2020
    FreeBSD 11.3-STABLE

  • @wolfsden3 This works as expected
    Go to openvpn client config and change the interface to the charter port.
    Or even better, create a failover group and assign it there, with the needed priorities.

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