Number of different VPN endpoints for SG3100?

  • Hello,

    I am wondering how many different OpenVPN endpoints can be configured in a 3100?
    (Use case: Need a site to site VPN for my backup servers, and then need to terminate a couple isolated VPNs for use by robotics students to communicate to their robots from their homes. Except for the backup stream (which only runs at night), each isolated student stream is only going to use ~4-6Mbps, and I have 100/100 FIOS.)


  • That only sounds like 2 VPN instances to me - 1 site to site for the backups, then 1 server that multiple clients (robotics students) can connect to.

    Or, did you NOT want 1 server that clients connect to?


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    You can have as many OpenVPN server and/or client Instances as you want, there is no limitation in pfSense or the Netgate hardware.


  • @akuma1x I was really hoping for more like 4-6 (multiple teams of students, one isolated VPN configuration per team)

    @Rico cool! thanks! that likely answers it ;P

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah, there's no hard limit on the number of instances. The total bandwidth is what counts here, the SG-3100 can pass ~100Mbps OpenVPN so you should be OK.
    I also agree it sounds like you could use one remote access server for students to connect to but if you needed to use 6 that should also be fine.


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