Multi Wifi as Wan on same network with Wifi on LAN side?

  • I do alot of traveling and one of the things I've noticed at hotels is they limit throughput to 50 Kbps per connection.  As there are times where I would like to have more bandwidth for downloading large files, I was wondering if it would be possible to build a small pfsense box to have 2 wifi links as wan connection points and an additional wifi link as a local lan interface.  This would allow me to have multiple wan links to the same network, but allow me to have an effective throughput of 100 Kbps?  Is this possible to do or would pfsense just pretty much take a dirtnap on something like this?  I send some relatively large files to and from the corporate servers and would like a solution that will allow me to get just a touch more bandwidth than the measly 50Kbps.  Is this doable? or am I just smoking crack?

  • so basicaly, your trying to connect to multiple hotel AP's and then route this into a wifi card to broadcast it so you can then use a laptop or another device to connect to the box? It sounds a good idea, pretty simmilar to what im attempting to setup. good luck with it. If I have any info that could help, il let you know.

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