(SOLVED) NAT rule for WAN port from Firewall A w/ openvpn server to device behind Firewall B w/ openvpn client

  • Hello,

    I am trying to setup a NAT rule for a WAN port from Firewall A to a device behind a Firewall B, where both Firewalls are connected with a site-to-site openvpn connection, being Firewall A the server, and Firewall B the client, but not sure why am not being able to do it till know, like I have been doing for local networks of Firewall A.

    The schematic, where in red is what I am trying to achieve through a NAT rule for a certain port:


    From network I am able to access and vice-versa without issues (including that device and port). I am able to setup NAT rules on WAN address in Firewall A to and even to other local networks there that I have not add in the schematic. In Firewall A I use Hybrid Outbound Nat mode. From

    From System > Advanced, I have setup the following options:


    Anyone knows what is missing out of my config?

    If you need more info I can provide without problem.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Connections are being received in Firewall A, and seems to point to the right machine and port:


    But no output for the device 31.22.x.x.

  • So, after a some CSI I notice that inbound packages where reaching the target machine, the problem was that the Firewall B didnt knew where to sent back the response, so I added a new rule in NAT Outbound for this particular device, and worked like a charm:


    NOTE: Firewall B doesnt use Firewall A gateway, its a "hybrid" VPN.

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