VIP other and a few questions.

  • pfSense version 2.4.r Release-p3 - HA pair

    We have a public subnet on the WAN side of the firewalls which we use for 1 to 1 NAT with CARP VIPs and that works fine. I now need to add another subnet for NAT as we have run out of IPs so I am going to just route a new subnet to the WAN VIP and then use other VIPs in the configuration.

    First time I have setup other VIPs so just a few queries -

    1. you can choose either "Network" or "Single Address" within the configuration. I understand if I choose single address for each new 1 to 1 NAT I would need to add a new VIP and then do the NAT as I do with the CARP configuration.

    If I choose network and enter x.x.x.x/26 does that mean I don't have to do any more VIP config for that subnet, I can just add new 1 to 1 NATs as and when I need them ?

    1. Again with the "Network" choice there is a tick box - "Disable Expansion of this entry...."

    I'm not sure I follow what this does exactly. I played around with it a bit but could see no differences under the 1 to 1 NAT entries whether it was checked or not.

    1. Finally is there any recommendation in terms of the above ie. does it make more sense to do individual VIP entries as and when I need them or just enter the subnet (assuming I understood it right as above).

    If it just comes down to choice I may well do individual entries as I think it is more intuitive for others to see what is going on but there may be good reasons not to do that.

    Many thanks for any and all help.

  • So I have done a bit more experimenting and it seems if I add a Network of other VIPs then in the 1 to 1 section it does nothing but in the outbound NAT section it expands the network entry out to all the individual entries.

    If I then check the "Disable expansion ....." checkbox it does not do that.

    However I do not care about outbound NAT as such, this subnet is only ever going to be used for 1 to 1 NAT entries so do I gain anything by using a Network entry rather than individual entries in the VIP section ?

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