Pfsense installed in VirtualBox and web traffic log issues

  • Hello,
    The latest version of pfsense is already installed in a VirtualBox VM and it is working.
    Internet WAN -> Modem -> pfsense device (Ethernet port) LAN -> USB Gigabit Ethernet adapter (usb connected to pfsense device and Ethernet to WAN Ethernet port of router) -> Router ( multiple devices connected to it via Ethernet LAN ports and WiFi)

    However, there is a traffic issue: All the web traffic in pfsense has the same WAN IP from the router, so it makes it look that there is only one device connected to the network. I need to see in the traffic logs exactly the IP of the device in the network (I.e printer, PC etc..) that generates the traffic. For example, if a user using a smartphone goes to a website, I need to see the source IP of the smartphone, not the WAN IP of the router as the source IP.
    The WAN IP of the router is the main IP that appears in the pfsense web traffic logs.
    The LAN IP of the router is LAN,
    Firewall LAN interface is em1 and IP:
    WAN interface sets DHCP and IP is provided by ISP.

    I used the following guide as reference joe0. com /2019/11/07/converting-intel-nuc-mini-pc-into-state-of-the-art-router-running-pfsense-in-oracle-virtualbox/

    Does anyone know how to fix these issues? I'd appreciate your help. thanks.

  • Netgate Administrator