Problem restoring pfsense

  • After restoring my pfsense I had some problems with restoring the packages I continued with the re-installation of the packages, but since I was unable to reinstall some packages, I canceled and went to the manual process, but as soon as I tried to reinstall the following log appears:

    /rc.start_packages: Skipping STARTing packages process because package reinstallation is pending.

    This is preventing me from manually reinstalling my packages, is there any way I can cancel this process?

  • @hnet


    I suggest you start over with a fresh installation.
    Since you have aggressively stopped the incomplete installation, a lot of things can be damaged.

    Then follow this description:

    (if I remember correctly there are some minor bug fixes in progress with stalled package installations)

  • In case I didn't try for the process abruptly because pfsense restored all my packages they are currently working, but even after days following the re-installation notice I had to follow the process indicated by the pfsense pop up to stop the process and test reinstall manually, but even so when I try to reinstall any service that is working it is prevented by the log I passed above.
    I did the same process that was indicated in a clean pfsense installation and the same problem occurred.
    This also prevents you from uninstalling any services.

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