I keep getting pfsense error and not sure what is the issue if anyone can help out i would really appriciate it. thanks logs attached

  • i keep getting errors but not sure what the issue is?
    pfsense log july 27.txt

  • @sylvain613 Please tell us more about your hardware and your NIC ... from the crash report it seems you also have some sleeping issue as well as noticed only one port of your NIC working, Broadcom BXE1 ... no BXE0?

  • Thank you so much for the quick reply ; I have my isp in one spf port bxe1 , bxe0 is not being used that is vlaned to bxe1.35 for the internet to work with bell.
    Card: Broadcom 10GB PCIe x8 Dual Port BCM957810A1006G

    nic card is:
    Intel X540-T2 10G Dual RJ45 Ports PCI-Express Ethernet.
    one port to my wireless gigabit router and other port is used to connect to my pc via 10gb connection using the same card ix0/ix1

    please let me know if you need more info or if this is what you needed thanks :P

  • @sylvain613 To me, your setup is unconventional and sure prone to have issues. There is no way I could have a 10Gbe Intel card and not use it for pfSense WAN and LAN ... especially when it seems you have IDS/IPS using Netmap. The Broadcom won't use Netmap natively and could pose the strange issue you're experiencing.

  • @NollipfSense I have fiber optic so wan is the spf port bxe1 is using the Broadcom card and the Intel 10gbe card I am using as lan... 1 port is gigabit to a wireless router and other port is doing 10gb to my pc I don't understand how this is not conventional? I am getting speeds of 1900/1024 my bell plan is 1.5gbps/1gbps

  • @sylvain613 So, you're using the bxe1 for WAN and igb0 LAN1 and igb1 LAN2? Also, could you post Status > System logs > General ... look for things that produced an error. Also, what interface are you using for IDS/IPS ... LAN1 and LAN2? Provide as much info on your setup.

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