PfSense PPPoe Server and Enternal Freeradius server, rate limiting

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    Hi all.
    Trying to get a PfSense box with a configured PPPoE server to rate limit connections, using an external Freeradius server. If I set WISPr attributes in the Freeradius, it still connects, but the rates are not correct. I found an earlier post here on this forum stating that I should use the MPD dictionary. How do I set the 'mpd-limit" attribute?

  • No one set up an external radius server to PfSense PPPoE server?

  • Still trying to get this working. My Freeradiuse server is managed by Daloradius. It seems that the problem is with the assignment of the mpd-limit. I can't seem to configure it correctly. It seems like it doesn't matter hat I input it does not work correctly. When I test a user's connectivity from within Daloradius, this is the response I receive:
    echo User-Name='Testuser',User-Password='Testing1234' | radclient -c '1' -n '3' -r '3' -t '3' -x '' 'auth' 'testing123' 2>&1

    Sent Access-Request Id 254 from to length 48
    User-Name = "Testuser"
    User-Password = "Testing1234"
    Cleartext-Password = "Testing1234"
    Received Access-Accept Id 254 from to length 122
    Attr-26.12341.7 = 0x6d70642d6c696d6974202b3d2022696e23313d616c6c20726174652d6c696d697420313530303030303022
    Attr-26.12341.7 = 0x6d70642d6c696d6974202b3d20226f757423313d616c6c20726174652d6c696d6974203735303030303022

    Response seems to be garbage. Pls advise.

  • I had gotten this working. Problem was that I was not formatting the attributes correctly, and I was now using the correct "operators."

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