LG CX Webapps not connecting

  • Hopefully someone has figured this out, but...

    Purchased a new TV, the LG CX, and the apps on WebOS will not connect.
    I get an unresponsive error (-324).
    However, the built in web browser does have connectivity and other smart TVs using the same apps work, so I'm guessing it is something DNS related.

    I am running a SG-3100 with unbound and pfblocker.

    I tried putting the TV on a VLAN that does not use pfblocker, let it just use an open dns ( instead of the internal, and diabled NAT reflection for DNS, no luck.

    The TV does work when I connect it to my phone's hotspot though.

    Anyone have any ideas on what to try next?

  • Turn off pfblocker to rule it out, other than that you can do a packet capture, on the vlan your tv is on, to see where it goes wrong.

  • I'll have to try and get a new pcap later, got one last night and didn't see anything other than a few RSTs.

    The testing was done on a VLAN that bypasses pfblocker, so that isn't the issue. I also don't see any alerts for blocks when running the TV.

    Based off what I have researched so far it might be related to DNS over TLS, I tried disabling that but it didn't help either.

  • For anyone stumbling around in the future,
    The issue was double NATting on my CenturyLink router that was in bridged mode.
    I bypassed it completely by plugging directly into the modem and setting the VLAN to 201.

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