PPPoE Radius "RADIUS Accounting Update" not working

  • Hi,

    I have installed fresh pfsense 2.4.5 x64 for PPPoE server. i did successfully configured with free-radius and authenticating without and problem. but the accounting update is not working and when user quota exceeded in free-radius, user still connected and will not disconnect till disconnect the pppoe manually.

    it seems "RADIUS Accounting Update" does not do anything.

    what should i do to fix this?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Check the logs. Turn up the logging level in Radius so you can see the accounting information (or lack of it).

    Are they able to log in again after the quota is exceeded?


  • Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The problem was miss-configuration in mpd5. i enabled internal radius server of mpd5.
    now i can send the POD to connect client with freeradius.
    in pfsense GUI, there is no option to configure this feature.

    more info: http://mpd.sourceforge.net/doc5/mpd30.html
    and : http://mpd.sourceforge.net/doc5/mpd32.html

  • hi,

    I've been having a similar situation, for limiting bandwidth for PPPoe connected users. Have not had a response from the forum.

    Am I to understand that you first were trying on an external Freeradius server? If yes, did you go back to try on the external server?

  • @cenriq said in PPPoE Radius "RADIUS Accounting Update" not working:

    es, did you go back to try on the ext


    if you wanna limit the bandwidth, you have to config freeradius with MYSQL and add proper attributes of MPD to your radius sever.

    after that, for example: you can simply "reply", "mpd-limit += "out#1=all shape 1024000" or "in#1=all shape 1024000" to specific users or groups in radius database.

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