pfSense cant load pages, DNS problem?

  • Hi everybody.

    How are you? I wish you are well.

    In quarantine i started to study pfSense, so i installed him on my eve-ng lab. I configured it with some Cisco switches, everything is going well so far, but when i decided to access the intertet from one of the "clients", i have some difficulty. I can ping on the WAN, Google DNS server, LAN, VLAN and the switch VLAN, but the pages dont load.

    Heres my lab...

    I have created a static route direct to switch vlan because im using routing between vlans.

    I created a rule in the pfSense vlan firewall, because im not being able to ping on other servers on the internet.

    Here my firewall rules.

    Thnks in advance.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well sure if you can't do dns then internet doesn't work very well ;)

    Do a simple query from a client with your fav dns tool, nslookup, dig, host, etc.

    Does resolve? Can pfsense resolve - go to diag menu on pfsense dns lookup for say same do you get back an IP?

    Where are you pointing clients for dns? Pfsense IP I would assume? Out of the box pfsense would resolve for dns, vs forwarding..

    Not sure what your trying to accomplish with those switches that seem to be doing routing? Where do the clients point for gateway? The switch IP or pfsense? What IP do you have on pfsense in those vlans? Sure hope its not .0?? How exactly are you routing between the switches - you show them connected with their e0/1 interfaces - but you list no IPs on them - is that a transit network?

    On a side note - why the use of /20?? Such a mask makes no sense in a lab setup, why would you not just use /24s? Makes it much easier to tell where the network breaks, etc.

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