Can't Lower Bandwidth on HFSC Traffic shaper, Bug?

  • I have an HFSC traffic shaper setup on my WAN interface. I'm trying to lower the bandwidth on the parent queue because I'm going to have a slower WAN connection. Running 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1. I have my queues setup like this:

    ->qLowDelay 45%
    ->qBestEffort 5%
    ->qBulk 5%
    ->qVideo 40%

    Because its on percentages I don't believe I should ever get this error. I have all percentages only entered in the top box, not in the lower boxes for upper limit, real time or link share on the bottom. I tried re-saving all queues again and applying changes as well as disabling and re-enabling the root queue.

    Is this a bug? Its kind of annoying.

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