NAT subnet from BGP route

  • Good evening,

    We've recently setup a BGP connection between pfSense and another internal service. The internal service subnet is advertised through, a neighbor (which is also a route reflector) on my SERVICES interface in pfSense. Everything is working just fine interally (allow rule added for subnet on SERVICES interface) but when we attempt to communicate externally it's touch and go due to NAT.

    We thought that we only needed to add the subnet as a manual outbound NAT but this does not appear to be the case. How do we proceed so that we NAT the subnet externally?


  • please provide network Diagram.

    Why do you need to NAT is pfsesnse the default route for your network?
    Also what are the BGP Routes?

  • I ended up re-designing how the neighbors interacted and eliminated the need for another set of routes from a second AS. I think one of the IP pools was in conflict, that's no longer the case :)

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